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Soy based bioproducts can replace many petroleum based products

Products based on soybeans have the potential of reducing the need for petroleum and also hydrocarbon based pollution.

The Ohio Soybean Council gives examples of bioproducts in an interactive Web page.   Specific products and where to buy them are arranged in categories as  Housewares and Cleaning, Office Supplies, and The Great Outdoors.

[Please note: The author of this post does not necessarily endorse any of the products at this OhioSoybean Council site, this posting is for informational purposes only]

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Household Products Database has been updated

Wondering about potential health effects of cleaners and other products (as personal hygiene products) used in your household?

Because of a recent update, you just might find some great guidance at the Household Products Database, maintained by the National Library of Medicine. You may search by product name, ingredient, or manufacturer. Additionally you may browse by category (as auto products) or types of products (as adhesive, pesticide, and fragrances).

The collection now includes  10,000 brand name products, 3,214 ingredients, and 395 manufacturers.

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Farm, Food Service Jobs Tied To Heart Disease Risk

Americans in certain lines of work, including transportation, food service and farming, may have a relatively high rate of risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and stroke, a new study finds.

“The findings, according to the researchers, do not prove that any given occupation increases or decreases the risk of metabolic syndrome. They do, however, suggest that people in certain job fields need to be especially aware of ways to control their risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. That includes watching their diets and getting regular exercise, not smoking and, if necessary, taking medication to control their blood pressure and cholesterol.”

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