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TOXMAP Now Has Additional Information

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Pregnancies and Medicines

[From Pregnancies and Medicines]

“During pregnancy, any medicines you take, including over-the counter or prescription drugs, herbs, or supplements, can get into your baby’s system. Some medicines may be safe, but many are not. The decision about whether or not to take a medicine depends on the risks and benefits. You and your health care provider should make this choice together. Labels on prescription and over-the-counter drugs have information that can help with the decision.

Always speak with your health care provider before you start or stop any medicine. Not using medicine that you need may be more harmful to you and your baby than using the medicine.”

A Women’s Health Web Page includes great overview on this topic in Q&A format.

Additional Information at Pregnancies and Medicines includes Specific Conditions (as aspirin and flu shots), Patient Handouts (on many individual drugs), and Directories (as Find a Teratrogen Information Service to find answers about exposure questions during pregancy).

The Pregnancies and Medicines Web Site (part of MedlinePlus) includes information

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Get Free Email Health News Updates

[From MedlinePlus Email Updates]

Would you like to receive updates on health topics of your own choosing?

MedlinePlus (a goldmine of health information sponsored by the US government) offers a great free service that just might fit your needs. This post’s author relies on it heavily for blog items.

Here is how to subscribe

** Go to Email Updates and enter your email address
** Select topic(s) and/or source
Sources include MedlinePlus publications as Health News and New Links
Topics include various body locations (as lungs), diagnosis/therapy (as surgery), disorders (as cancer), and health/wellness          (as sexual health)

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A Consumer Advocacy Group Focuses on Insurance Issues and Consumer Rights

[via Resource Shelf]

Have insurance related questions?
Whether they are related to health insurance, auto insurance, or other policies, United Policy Holders just might have the information needed to help make informed decisions.

United Policyholders was founded in 1991 as non-profit tax-exempt organization dedicated to educating the public on insurance issues and consumer rights.

Much of their work centers on natural disasters. Their first major project was a firestorm in California.
Their publications (generally free) include: Tips for Flood Claimants, Tips for Fire Claimants, Tips for Earthquake Claimants, Tips for DisabilityClaimants, Hiring an Attorney; Why, When and How, and a half hour videotapetitled; Ten Steps…Settling Your Insurance Claim.

Web pages include State by State Help, Newsletters, and Buying Tips.

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