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Could Lifestyle Cut Dementia Rates?

Eliminating depression and diabetes, consuming more fruit and vegetables could reduce new dementiacases by 21 percent, researchers say.

“The exact cause of dementia hasn’t been pinpointed, but several modifiable risk factors have been identified, including a history of depression, type of diet, level of alcohol consumption, education level and vascular risk factors (heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol).”

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‘Locally Grown’ May Mean Healthier, But Not Always

Knowing foods’ origins can help consumers make smart, nutritional choices.

Excerpts from the news article:

“Of all types of food, fresh produce is most likely to be best when it is grown nearby and sold quickly, she said. That’s because exposure to oxygen and light causes produce to lose nutrients from the moment it’s been picked, she said. Produce with water-soluble nutrients such as vitamin C tend to lose nutritional value more quickly than produce containing more stable nutrients, such as beta-carotene.”

“There are exceptions. Nuts and legumes, for instance, tend to retain flavor and nutritional value whether they are locally grown or shipped in, Giancoli said.”

Meat does not lose flavor, nutritional value, or freshness when transported across long distances. However it is easier to find out answers to how local livestock were raised. For example,  grass-fed beef is leaner and has a better ratio of healthy fatty acids. One can also inquire if the livestock were given antibiotics or hormones.

So people who buy locally grown produce will probably get a little more nutrition as a result — but only if they eat the produce soon after it’s purchased.”

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Hair Care Products Can Deliver the Goods for Thinning and Textured Hair

At the American Academy of Dermatology’s Summer Academy Meeting 2010 in Chicago, dermatologist Victoria Barbosa, MD, FAAD, assistant professor of dermatology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, discussed how certain hair cosmetics can improve the appearance of thinning and textured hair.

Her advice on making thin hair appear fuller?  Consider pressed powders and fiber hair cosmetics.  Also, use volumizing shampoos but avoid conditioners (not labeled for fine hair)which weigh down and flatten hair.

Dr. Barbosa also gives advice for women with highly textured curly hair.

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PBS Series – This Emotional Life

The PBS Series This Emotional Life explored questions relating to happiness, adolescent angst and other mental health and wellness topics.

One may visit this site to view topics in this television series as well as discuss current news items and “participate in the ongoing exploration of mental health and wellness.”

Topics include Adolescence, Stress & Anxiety, Forgiveness, Anger, Autism, and many more.
Perspectives are theme-based collections of videos, interviews and stories. Subjects include Falling in Love, and The Meaning of Happiness.
People and Blogs offers personal stories and expert insights.
Resource Finder includes links to online resources and organizations.

Facebook and Twitter options are at the Home Page.

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Alliance for Aging Research

The Alliance for Aging Research was founded in 1986 to “promote medical and behavioral research into the aging process”. Since then it has enlarged its mission by “developing, implementing and advocating programs in research, professional and consumer health education and public policy”.

Topics include Caregving, Health, Longevity, Medical Innovation, Policy, Quality of Care and Research.
Each topic has links to publications, including views of the Alliance.

Focus Areas include reports and similar publications in 25 areas as Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Men’s Health, Persistent Pain, Stroke, and Vision Loss.

The home page includes links to surveys & quizzes, blog items, news items, and an option for email updates.

The Resources links includes a variety of items including links to organizations and agencies focusing on specific and general health topics. There are also a small number of links in areas as health insurance, health news, clinical trials, and caregiving.

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