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How to Read a Research Paper (and also Understand Health News Research Items)

Biomedical research results are increasingly available to the public. However, caution is urged in interpreting results. For example, be very careful to not confuse causation with association.

(A recent news item about insulin use and cancer is very controversial. Some say insulin use can cause cancer, while others insist insulin users are predisposed to cancers.)

The MedlinePlus Topic Page Understanding Medical Research has links to tutorials, overviews, and more

A sampling of links

**Increasing Knowledge — How to Read a Research Paper(Lewy Body Dementia Association)

** Clinical Research & Clinical Trials(National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)

**Making Sense of Medical News (Nemours Foundation)

Related Blog Items

“Summaries for Patients” and other plain language summaries help patients and others understand medical studies and guidelines

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NIH Newsletters and Feeds

Have an urge to surf the Internet but would like it to be productive?

Consider sites from this US government Web Page

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has an ever growing list of Facebook pages, Listservs, Blogs, Twitter Accounts, Podcasts, YouTube Channels, and Vodcasts

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Drug Reactions (A New MedlinePlus Health Topic)

From the Medline Health Topic Drug Reactions

Most of the time, medicines make our lives better. They reduce aches and pains, fight infections, and control problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes. But medicines can also cause unwanted reactions [including interactions with other drugs, foods, supplements, and diseases].

Always ask your health care provider what you need to avoid when you start taking a new medication. Also, if you do take medicine, do not start a new over-the-counter drug without first checking with your healthcare provider or pharmacist.

Drug reactions topics include links in the following areas
** Overviews
***Specific Conditions
**Patient Handouts

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Understanding Back Pain May Improve Management

Understanding Back Pain May Improve Management, Study Suggests

Attitudes, beliefs and knowledge appear to influence pain control, study finds

HealthDay news image

Source: HealthDay
Related MedlinePlus Pages: Back Pain, Health Literacy

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Audio Newscasts Available When You Have Time to Listen

From an announcement by the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

Are you looking for health-related news you can listen to at your convenience at home or on the go? AHRQ’s Healthcare 411 is your reliable audio news program, based on the latest research and available when and where you need it! You can listen to 60-second radiocasts with tips for heath care consumers and 10-minute audio podcasts featuring longer, more in-depth interviews with experts who provide evidence-based information on today’s critical health care topics. Log on and listen to Healthcare 411; or subscribe and we’ll send stories directly to your computer or personal media player.

Some recent titles

** Treating High Cholesterol
**Family Health Care (Tips for Selecting a New Health Plan)
**Specialty Care (Tips for Getting Access to it)
**How to Find Good Information Online

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Men’s Health – Canadian Consumer Information Portal

The purpose of these pathfinderis to point consumers and health professionals to leading men’s health initiatives (and digital sources of information) around the world.

A to Z pathfinders

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