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Vitamin and Dietary Supplement Information

Confused about claims about Vitamin E? Wondering how much Vitamin C you need?  Does feverfew prevent migraines? Thinking about taking  iron supplements but want to act on good evidence?

The Office of Dietary Supplements just might have the information you need to discuss with your primary health care provider or other trusted health professional.  While scientific evidence is inconclusive for many substances, this Web site is a great starting place for current objective information.

Health information for consumers and health professionals is offered for dietary supplements (as cranberry and ginseng), vitamins and minerals, and botanical supplements (as ephedra and soy).

Additionally, the health information page provides links to assist with informed decision making (as fraud detection), consumer safety, and Nutrient Recommendation Reports & Tables (DRIs & RDAs), and more.

Excerpt:  “To put it simply, people who take dietary supplements may have the misconception that they are invulnerable to health problems and may make poor decisions when it comes to their health – such as choosing fast food over a healthy and organic meal. “

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