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Online Continuing Medical Education ( for Physicians

Are you a physician looking for listings of reviewed CMEs?
A great first place to look is, by Bernard Skalr, MD.
The home page has listings by specialty, cross-specialty, and comprehensive board review.

From the CME list about page

It is the intent of to describe every web site that offers AMA-approved CME online. At this time, we have over 300 sites listed. These sites offer over 16,000 separate activities and over 22,000 hours of credit. If you find errors in the descriptions please let me know. If you know of CME web sites that I have missed, please tell me about them.

Some general statements and explanations about how the sites are chosen and described:

  • I have included every American online CME site I could find that offers CME accredited under the supervision of  the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). The only sites deliberately excluded are those where I was unable to view any instruction (or a demo) without advance payment and those sites which require an offline subscription of a journal and offer only the quiz online.
  • In most cases, the entire process (viewing the CME, taking the tests, submitting payment when required and receiving an electronic certificate of CME credit) can be done online. Where forms must be mailed or faxed or payment submitted by mail, I have so indicated.
  • Passwords and registration: this is required at just about every site; I do not describe the registration process unless it is especially onerous or confusing. The site managers want to know who is visiting, and your registration is how they find out. Usually you can register without making any financial commitment.
  • I include courses only when CME credit is still available.
  • Fees: In general, you can view instruction without cost; the cost figures I give are how much it costs to have your credits certified. Where you need to pay for viewing, I have stated that.
  • The “new1123b.gif” icon means that I had not seen the site before now, or that there have been major changes or reorganization since my last visit to the site.
  • Occasionally the same instruction may be found at several different sites. I have tried to show it only once, at the creator’s site. When this is not possible, I have indicated that the same instruction is found at different sites.
  • Online CME sites change often; new sites appear; existing sites disappear. Please email me with comments or suggestions. If you know of any online CME site which is not included, please let me know. And please let me know about any broken links.
  • Be sure to add this site to your bookmarks or favorites folder.
  • To view the most up-to-date version, refresh (reload) this page in your browser.



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