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Access to Health Care (CDC Vital Signs Web page)

CDC Vital Signs

The recent CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)  page Access to Health Care provides general information about health insurance coverage.

Here is the summary

New 2010 estimates show that the number of Americans without health insurance is growing, affecting middle-income Americans as well as those living in poverty. About 50 million adults 18–64 years old had no health insurance for at least some of the past 12 months. People in all income brackets have been affected, not just adults living in poverty, according to a 2009 survey. In the past few years, the number of adults aged 18–64 who went without health insurance for at least part of the past 12 months increased by an average of 1.1 million per year. About half of those additional adults were middle-income.* Adults without consistent health insurance are more likely to skip medical care because of cost concerns, which can lead to poorer health, higher long-term health care costs, and early death.

*About $43,000–$65,000 household income for a household of four

This Web page includes the following links

  • Learn about your role in expanding access to health care, with tips for employers, health care providers, and everyone
  • Latest Findings with a summary of current health insurance coverage statistics
  • Who’s at Risk with a chart on the relationship between disability and health care insurance coverage
  • What can be done with tips for employers, health care providers, and everyone

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