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Paying for access to medical journals

From a November 2010 Kevin MD blog item

by Josh Herigon, MPH

I’m not sure about the validity of this study: Free Access to U.S. Research Papers Could Yield $1 Billion in Benefits.

Quantifying how much money will be saved by increased efficiency due to open access seems like fuzzy math at best. However, we do need better access to medical journal articles. As a researcher, I’ve constantly fought the battle against firewalled journals. I am fortunate to be part of a university that has excellent access to most of the published medical research I need. But I still come across what is the researchers’ equivalent of the “blue screen of death”: the “login or purchase this individual article for $30″ screen.

The author goes on to explain why he does not buy individual articles. He also has recommendations for publishers (as consortiums and open access after a short embargo period).

As I blogged earlier, please keep in mind that many medical journal articles can be obtained at little or no cost. A great place to start is a local public or academic library. If they do not have it, they can often obtain it from another library for you at little or no cost.
For other suggestions, please go to How to obtain free/low cost medical articles in medical and scientific journals

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