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Raw Food Diet – Good for Your Health?

The Harvard Medical School has published a one page fact sheet on the Raw Food Diet.


What Is the Raw Food Diet?

Although there are different versions of the raw food diet, they all have one thing in common: Foods can’t be heated above 118° F….Food processing is limited to blenders and dehydrators. Sometimes a process called fermentation is used to add flavor to food…

Why Go Raw?

…Heat destroys some enzymes in food. Enzymes help our bodies break down nutrients so the body can absorb them. By avoiding heat, enzymes are left unchanged. Many people who favor raw food diets believe that this makes digestion and absorption of nutrients in food easier. However, there is little to no scientific research to support this theory….

Are There Drawbacks?

Followers of the raw food diet are at risk for several nutrient deficiencies….

The Bottom Line

The major advantage of the raw food diet is the high intake of fruits and vegetables. However, there are nutritional gaps that need to be filled. Therefore, strict adherence to the raw food diet may not be the best way to improve your health. Until more research is done, a balanced diet combined with daily physical activity remains the key to a healthy lifestyle.





April 12, 2011 - Posted by | Nutrition

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