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Lungs A Casualty Of War For Iraq Soldiers; Rare Bronchiolitis ID’d

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From the 21 July Health News Today item

American soldiers coming back from extended service in Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering extremely rare breathing problems according to a new study. Exposure to poisonous toxins may be to blame. Constrictive bronchiolitis disease is irreversible and severe cases often require a lung transplant. These same problems were seen during the first Gulf War….

…Dr. Michael Light, a professor of pulmonary medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine says the following:

“Pulmonary abnormalities probably are real after exposure to whatever it might be, from Middle Eastern deployments.”

However, what about the local residents? Do they suffer from the same breathing problems?

Light adds:

“They’re exposed to the same things, but we don’t know if they get this problem. This is a wake-up call that there may be ways that can reduce the impact of these exposures.”

Click here to read the entire news article

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