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Unwashable Places In Produce May Harbor E. coli, Salmonella

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From the 17 August 2011 Health News Today article

Sanitizing the outside of produce may not be enough to remove harmful food pathogens, according to a Purdue University study that demonstrated that Salmonella and E. coli can live inside plant tissues.

E. coli 0157:H7 was present in tissues of mung bean sprouts and Salmonella in peanut seedlings after the plants’ seeds were contaminated with the pathogens prior to planting. Amanda Deering, a postdoctoral researcher in food science, said seeds could be contaminated in such a manner before or after planting through tainted soil or water.

“The pathogens were in every major tissue, including the tissue that transports nutrients in plants,” said Deering, whose results were published in separate papers in the Journal of Food Protection and Food Research International….

Proper sanitization would eliminate Salmonella and E. coli from the surface of foods, but not inner tissues, Deering and Pruitt said. Cooking those foods to temperatures known to kill the pathogens would eliminate them from inner tissues. …

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