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Guns On Campus? Let’s Hope Not.

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Many Young Children Overdosing from Medicines at Home

Health Information Literacy - for health and well being

The following was posted on PhPartners New Links  [PHPARTNERS_LINK@LIST.NIH.GOV]
To inform parents and caregivers about safe medication storage and what to do in case of an emergency, CDC, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association Education Foundation, and a coalition of partners are launching an educational program, Up and Away and Out of Sight, encouraging parents to follow a few simple steps to protect children.

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Visualizing the World’s Food Consumption – A Map

Visualizing the World’s Food Consumption – A Map

Includes graph on calories consumed by 20 highest and 20 lowest countries (compared to RDA).

Another graph portrays 20 highest consuming countries and 20 lowest consuming countries (by average percentage of income spent on food)



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Health Insurance Info will be more easily understood next year – Cracking the health insurance code

From the Moberly Monitor (13 December 2011)

Understanding health insurance and your options will get easier, thanks to a little known measure of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Starting in 2012, health insurance companies and employers must provide information in a way that is clear and easy to understand.
“This may seem like a small thing,” says Dr. Karen Edison, director of the Center for Health Policy at the University of Missouri. “But being able to read an insurance form and know what’s actually covered is critical to making good health care decisions for you and your family. Until now, much of the information that has been provided has been very hard to understand.”
Clear summaries of coverage for treating cancer or managing diabetes and other health conditions will help you better understand what your health care plan actually covers, as well as make apples-to-apples comparisons among several plans. Being able to compare plans will help you and your employer find the best plan for your health needs and budget.”….

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Using public policy as a tool to improve health

Panelists speak at the Joan H. Tisch Forum in Public Health

Georges Benjamin, at left, moderates the Joan H. Tisch Forum in Public Health at Hunter College with Bruce Vladek, Rich Besser and Jim Marks (from left to right). Photo courtesy Philip Kessler Photography



From the 15 December 2011 Public Health Newswire

Our nation is undergoing a significant debate about how best to improve the health of its citizens. Much of that debate has been around insurance coverage and reform. While this is an important debate, much of what influences the degree of healthiness of individuals and communities is outside the traditional health system.

Health is about our housing; where we dump our trash; access to clean, affordable and safe food, water and air; how we build our communities in terms of their ability to support active living and the presence of economic opportunity. These factors are affected by public policy decisions and therefore can be used strategically and on a population basis to improve health.

New York City has used this approach to great effect. They have relied on the findings of community health surveys to determine their health priorities and then developed many of the city’s most significant policy initiatives, including food environment policies such as banning trans fats at restaurants and requiring calorie-count restaurant displays, increasingly aggressive anti-smoking policies, increased bicycle paths, improved access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and a novel registry to track diabetes control.

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UM’s Taubman Health Library Plain Medical Language app


THL’s Plain Medical Language app 

“The Taubman Health Sciences library has created a free iPhone app based on our award-winning Google widget that translates medical terms into everyday English.

Watch the app in action here.”

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Private chats become the new suicide hotline on Facebook — VentureBeat



Author’s comment….

A few years back I was in a Yahoo chat room conversing with someone who suddenly started talking about his suicidal thoughts.
Very quickly I was able to get ahold of a suicide hotline number and pass it on to him. He thanked me and left the room.
To this day I think about him, wondering if he called, and if he is OK……


Private chats become the new suicide hotline on Facebook 

From the 15 December 2011 Forbes article

Facebook unveiled a suicide prevention tool to give users a direct link to online counselors, illustrating the social network’s efforts to expand its role in responding to crises.

With the feature, friends can report suspected suicidal behavior by clicking a button next to any piece of content on Facebook. Users select “suicidal content” under the harmful behavior menu, prompting Facebook to email a direct link to the distressed user for a private online chat with a crisis representative from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

The tool provides help to those who may not be comfortable picking up the phone or seeking other direct avenues for assistance.

The concerned friends, whose reporting of the behavior will be anonymous, will also receive a message that the issue is being addressed, according to Facebook, which will offer the tool for users in the U.S. and Canada.

The tool formalizes Facebook’s past assistance to users in times of distress. This summer, a Florida woman reportedly used Facebook to call for help after breaking her leg, and Facebook helped a Tennessee woman without a phone contact police after a robbery, illustrating the growing role social networks play in public safety.

In addition to these anecdotal uses, Facebook has been pursuing official ways the social network can help those in natural disasters and other crises….

The role Facebook played likely prompted the Department of Health and Human Services, or HHS, to explore how social media can help in federal efforts to help prepare and deal with such emergencies.

The HHS is developing a text message service that local authorities can broadcast to inform people during emergencies.

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