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The Lost Joy of Cooking (from the blog article at Science Is Everyone’s Story)

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The Lost Joy of Cooking 

From the blog post

The art of cooking can be learned – and lost – in a generation. When I talked with a public health advocate earlier this year, she told me that some immigrants from the Caribbean can lose the ability to cook from scratch within a generation. In the opinion of a writer from the Havana Journal, after a generation of revolutionary rationing in which cooking slipped off the menu, Cuban cuisine has not recovered.

In the kitchen, if you don’t use a skill, you lose it. This makes the passionate statements of slow food advocates such as the two chefs interviewed in Grist this month even more poignant. One mentions the need for cooking classes. But if reintroducing cooking from scratch has as many environmental benefits as its advocates claim, community center classes and farmer’s market demonstrations should only be the beginning of a larger project.

I see this as a business opportunity for recent immigrants here in the United States. …

Read the entire blog posting here

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