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Research prevents eco-fraud

Research prevents eco-fraud

From the 12 December Eureka news alert

In recent years, the growing demand for organic food products has led to the faking of food and fraud. Headed by the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, a European research project will now develop methods capable of both determining the geographical origin of a food product and deciding whether or not it is organic.

Today, many organic food products such as olive oil, coffee and wine are sold at a higher price because of the production methods involved, their special geographical origins or the absence of undesirable compounds.

Recently there have been several instances of falsification and fraud where conventionally grown produce has been sold as organic. This calls for tools capable of tracing the origins and cultivation methods of food products….


Great help for food authorities all over Europe

By analysing the chemical composition of fruits and vegetables, the researchers can, among other things, trace differences between conventional and organic growing methods.

In the laboratory, any use of pesticides can be traced and the geographical differences in soil characteristics also leave fingerprints which can be measured on the food by the researchers.

According to the researchers, the analytical tools to be developed by the research project may be used by food authorities at both a national and a European level during the coming years…..

Read the entire press release here

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  1. This is exciting research for people in Europe. Unfortunately, the United States has to date shown little desire to ensure that foods labeled organic actually are.

    Comment by Randall Lloyd | January 25, 2012 | Reply

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