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Mobile phones: ‘Still no evidence of harm to health’ (Major safety review)

(Aside comment, wondering how many news stories I’m not getting access to because I only know English? How many great studies are in other languages..and it takes time for them (or at least their summaries)  to get translated into English? Or are a large number of scientific studies that (at least potentially) have an impact on public health already already published in English?)

From the 26 April 2012 news item at BBC Health

By Jane HughesHealth correspondent, BBC News

Woman using mobile phone
There are 80 million mobile phones in the UK

There is still no evidence mobile phones harm human health, says a major safety review for the UK’s Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Scientists looked at hundreds of studies of mobile exposure and found no conclusive links to cancer risk, brain function or infertility.

However, they said monitoring should continue because little was known about long-term effects.

The HPA said children should still avoid excessive use of mobiles.

It is the biggest ever review of the evidence surrounding the safety of mobile phones.

There are now an estimated 80 million mobiles in the UK, and because of TV and radio broadcasting, Wi-Fi, and other technological developments, the study said exposure to low-level radio frequency fields was almost universal and continuous.

A group of experts working for the HPA looked at all significant research into the effects of low-level radio frequency…

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