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The 14 May 2012 post highlights three biomedical ethics items

“…The American Pain Foundation – an industry funded promoter of painkillers masquerading as a patient advocacy organization – closed its doors last week after it became the target of a U.S. Senate panel inquiry.The action by the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and the surprisingly quick collapse of the foundation were prompted by two journalistic investigations:The first was Charles Ornstein’s and Tracy Weber’s Dollars for Doctors series for ProPublica. In The Champion of Painkillers, which ran in December in The Washington Post, they describe how aggressive the American Pain Foundation has been in promoting opioids:..

..The other major journalistic investigation to draw the Senate’s attention was by John Fauber at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, working in collaboration with MedPage Today. For several years, Fauber has doggedly covered conflicts of interest in academic medicine, ethical problems, the growth in pain medicine and the resulting rise in painkiller addictions and deaths. As part of his Side Effects series, in February 2012, Fauber wrote about the American Pain Foundation and other groups that promote pain pills: Painkiller boom fueled by networking:”

By Carl Elliott

Let’s start with a quiz.  Can you tell which of these awards is real?

A) The Exxon Valdez Prize in Environmental Ethics

B) The Goldman Sachs Endowment in Business Ethics

C) The Richard Milhous Nixon Award for Ethics in Government

D) The Pfizer Fellowship in Bioethics

If you guessed D), you win. …

  •  “Missing the Target: When Practitioners Harm More Than Heal.
    Two day conference at Georgetown University, June 14-15,  an Adriane Fugh-Berman’s event

    Topics Include:

    • “The Underuse of Classic Drugs”
    • “Are Medical Devices and Drugs Adequately Regulated?”
    • “Protecting Patients in Industry-Funded Trials”
    • “Risks of Cardiovascular Devices”
    • “Cancer Risks from CT Scans”
    • “Pharmaceutical Marketing and Adverse Health Outcomes”


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