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How To Have Healthy Skin

First television play NBC 1936

Apply skin care product immediately after washing your face

 Photo of actor Eddie Albert and actress Grace Brandt applying make-up for the first television presentation of a play. The play, The Love Nest, was also written and produced by Albert. The telecast took place on 6 November 1936 in NBC’s Studio 3H in Radio City.

The Columbia History of American Television, page 53 Gary R. Edgerton.

From the 29 June 2012 MedicalNewsToday article

Shoppers frequently spend fortunes on high-end facial products as they strive to improve the quality and look of their skin; this may be to treat acne, wrinkling and general aging, etc. Consumers vary in age from early teens to late adulthood. Dermatologists (skin specialist doctors) say that the routine in which these medications are applied really matter for optimum effectiveness.

Dermatologist Susan C. Taylor, MD, FAAD affirms this by saying that medications or treatments should be applied immediately after washing your face. This will ensure that it is absorbed properly. If you do not apply the product straight after washing, it may not do what its manufacturer claims.

Dr. Taylor recommends the following four steps to maximize your skin care:

    • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser. When drying, pat the skin, don’t rub it dry.
    • Apply medication. Use your ring finger when applying cream around the eyes; it is the weakest finger and will not tug at this very delicate skin.
    • Apply sunscreen or moisturizer (or both).
  • If desired, apply makeup.
    (Article continues with additional tips for healthy skin)

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