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I am a physician and guns are a disease


From the 9th August 2012 article at

I feel guilty about the killings in Colorado.  As a doctor, those horrid events are a personal failure.  I have spent a career fighting illness, often investing hundreds of hours in a single cancer case, yet in minutes, a dozen people vanish and 58 are grievously wounded.  Another 32,000 will die this year from gunshots, over 76,000 will be crippled and I cannot keep up with this slaughter.  Why is this my fault?  Because, I am a physician and guns are a disease.

The great plagues of history killed hundreds of millions: Polio, Small Pox, Rabies, Yellow Fever, Influenza, Measles, Dengue and now AIDS.  These diseases are all caused by viral infections.  What is a virus? It is a perfect submicroscopic machine with only one purpose.  It does not create beauty like a flower, nourishment like a fruit tree, nor knowledge like man.  Its sole purpose is to create more viruses and at this it is the ideal mechanism.

A virus recreates itself by infecting the cells of the host on which it preys.  It destroys those cells, turning them into virus factories until overwhelmed by billions of virus particles the host, often a human, becomes ill.  As virus numbers explode the host gradually dies, the whole body becoming a massive sick infected virus-shedding machine and as a last act the virus spreads to the next person.  Then the cycle begins again, making new viruses.  That is all viruses do, reproduce themselves….


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