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An Effective Low Cost Solution To Hearing Loss


From the 1 October 2012 article at Medical News Today

Hearing loss affects millions in the U.S., but many are not covered by insurance or can’t afford the high prices of custom hearing aids, says a researcher. The MD Hearing Aid line is shown to have a high rate of user satisfaction.

A study presented at the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery Foundation Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. shows that the MD Hearing Aid line offers a reasonable low-cost solution to those who are not using hearing aids or other amplification devices because of cost concerns.

In the study, researchers at the Michigan Ear Institute sought to evaluate a novel, inexpensive (under $200.) over- the-counter hearing aid regarding to its acoustic properties and also to test the hearing aid on patients with varying levels of hearing loss to evaluate their perceived benefit by using validated questionnaires.

Hearing loss affects approximately 34 million people in the United States, but hearing aid usage rates have historically remained at just 24%. One major reason for this low rate of use is that hearing aids are typically very expensive, with the average cost of a single hearing aid approximately $1,900. Medicare and most insurance companies do not cover this cost. Many medical studies have linked untreated hearing loss in the elderly with a higher risk of social isolation, depressionanxiety, and symptoms consistent with Alzheimer’s dementia.


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