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[Reblog] Understanding Eyes as We Age

[Reblog] from the December 7, 2012 post at As Our Parents Age –Timely Topics for Adult Children


I’ve written several posts about eye medical care (post on cataracts – posts on detached retinas). Sometime soon I will share a bit more about my experience with cataract surgery — mine occurred several weeks ago.

Recently I discovered a terrific eye education resource. If you are trying to make sense of the medical health of your eyes or the eyes of an aging parent, get started by educating yourself about the structure of an eye. Check out this wonderful Eye Anatomy Tour, posted over at the Cleveland Clinic website.

Because most of my doctors offer explanations during fairly short appointments, I am not always able to absorb everything. My physicians usually explain things clearly and mostly in an unrushed manner, but I cannot always remember everything that I need (or want) to know.

The nice thing about this animated eye tour is that it can be run over and over — always a useful feature but especially so if an adult child is  explaining an eye condition to an aging parent. When you watch the tour you can also use the Dictionary of Eye Terms, linked from the same web page.


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Patient engagement: Going from email to secure messaging

From the December 7, 2012 post at EHR Intelligence

For providers apprehensive about increasing demands for patient engagement, a small dose of email could get them on their way toward becoming comfortable with the idea as well as the practice. “For the organizations who’ve pushed patient portals the furthest into their patient base, email is always the place where things started,” argues Avado CEO Dave Chase in a recent contribution toForbes. According to Chase, email is the equivalent of a gateway drug in the context of patient engagement able of easing providers’ concerns about additional work and responsibility that they fear having to undertake by making themselves more available to their patients.

“Physicians are understandably concerned about being overwhelmed by emails if they provide an option for secure messaging,” writes Chase. “Interestingly, the physicians who have given out their phone number or enabled secure email (without remuneration) haven’t found they are overwhelmed by any means.”
Given that so much of medicine is built on evidence-based studies, research findings should compel providers to at least acknowledge the benefits of engaging with patients electronically. Kaiser has continued to show that electronic patient engagement can lead to improve patient outcomes for those with chronic disease as well as maintain the loyalty of patients who will remain customers of the healthcare organization’s services………


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Health Insurance Exchanges Will Transform Health Care. Magically Increase Transparency. Improve Access. And Maybe Even Lower Costs. But Only if We Get it Right …


From December 8, 2012 posting at The Health Care Blog

…So while I am heartened by how consumer-driven health care has become – retail clinics, quality rankings as examples – I’m reminded that we are only as consumer-centric as our weakest link(s). For every example I have, I know that there are many more. There are plenty of weak links throughout the healthcare system. Like Kohl’s, each of us can look at the top things that make our business difficult for people to deal with. With often only modest effort, we can make changes to significantly improve the consumer experience, lower frustration and minimize confusion……



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