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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Doctor

Written by a nurse.

Musings Of A Nurse

fhfrjh.jpgAdmittedly everyone have the same feeling when they are compelled by physiologic abnormality to visit the doctor. Anxiety is the leading cause of why people delay seeing a doctor, they would tend to rationalize their illness until it interferes with their day to day living. Anxiety is a common feeling especially if you have no idea of what your illness is, could it be life threatening or just a minor glitch? One should not be afraid to visit the doctor it is their job to diagnose our illness and provide us with medical interventions to maintain the homeostasis of our body. Some people when visiting the doctor don’t know what to do or what to say, some would even freeze as if that they are being interrogated. The doctor can’t help you unless you are willing to help the doctor! Yes, he may relay on laboratory findings but it will…

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