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[Reblog] Why You Think You’re Great at Everything, Even When You Suck

Reblogging this with reservations.
The word “suck” is not part of my vocabulary.  Much like shouting, I think it detracts or even obscures a message.
Also,  there are no references to this article and no sources are quoted.

However, it does seem that the basic arguments ring true. At least they resonate with my life.

Perhaps this article can serve as a gentle reminder to be a bit compassionate with others and ourselves.
Deep down, I believe we are all doing the best we can to survive and thrive. May we do what we can to listen to each other for their good and ours.

From the 2 January 2014 LifeHacker article by THORIN KLOSOWSKI

As humans, we’re pretty bad at judging our own abilities. From exercising to our sense of humor, we’re all certain that we’re the best at everything we do. The problem is, in a lot of cases, we’re way worse at things than we think we are. That can keep us from succeeding the long term.P

On the surface, it’s not a big enough problem that we tend to overestimate our own abilities. However, when we’re blissfully ignorant of our skills, we can’t work toward improving them. We don’t know why our brains do this, but they do. The best you can do is recognize where your brain fails and try to keep it in mind before judging yourself (and others).P

We Overestimate Our Positive QualitiesP

Read the entire article here

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