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What does it take to make healthcare more accessible? – GE Step Ahead Initiative – Moneycontrol

What does it take to make healthcare more accessible? – GE Step Ahead Initiative – Moneycontrol.

[Not endorsing GE, this article is for informational purposes only]

Excerpt from the [January 2014?] article at money by Gopi Katragadda

I spent quality time in the recent weeks with a small working group developing an understanding of affordable healthcare. As a part of this exercise, I visited several hospitals and met with technology providers. Also, I researched a good amount of literature on the future of healthcare across the globe. I was surprised to learn that affordable healthcare is a significant problem not only in the emerging economies, but in the western world as well. In the US, as an example, 27% of the population has serious problems paying their medical bills. In India, lower unit costs for healthcare are accomplished through higher throughput; however, cost in general and accessibility in rural areas still remain areas of concern.

Based on my observations so far, mobility, simplicity, and automation are the three primary axes of making healthcare more accessible.

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