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Drugs For Life; Subcultural Identity

The Kente Weaver


BY: BBC Video Documentary, Think Aloud.

Here’s a short video interview with anthropologist Joseph Dummit, author of the book “Drugs For Life” in which he tackles  the pervasiveness of America’s pharmaceutical market in its economy and society. Dummit explores in detail, America’s increasing medicalization and the emergence of the ‘expert patient’ who shifts the dynamic of the patient-doctor relationship because this ‘expert patient’ is now equipped with ‘knowledge’ about his own health, what kind of lifestyle is healthy and to some extent the ‘medical know-how’ of how to treat certain conditions ‘off-the-counter’.

Dummit argues that Pharmaceutical companies have come to occupy a predominant role in American society, changing the discourse about what is “healthy” and what isn’t through their huge marketing campaigns and their capitalistic drive. What I find most interesting in his argument is the fact that he shows how these direct-to-consumer advertising mechanisms not only affect patients…

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