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E-cigarettes – We Need More Research

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E Cigarettes Become Popular Alternative E-cigarettes are a growing method of respiring nicotine and other hazardous chemicals into one’s body.  Recently I heard students across the country are using e-cigarettes on college campuses and in college buildings.  I think this was bound to happen soon seeing as tobacco products are heavily regulated and taxed.  E-cigarettes offer another method of delivery that is advertised as safer for others in the vicinity because it is a vaporizer.  I am still very hesitant about this, and after being near someone on the train using an e-cigarette, I decided to get some more information.

I came across a publication about secondary exposures to e-cigarette emission.  E-cigarettes contain volatile organic substances including, but not limited to, nicotine and propylene glycol, which is a known odorless and colorless toxin.  When released into the air as “vapor”, there are very small, 2.5 micrometer particulates.  These small particulates penetrate further into the respiratory…

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