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[Blog Post] Half Of Americans Believe One Of These 6 Medical Conspiracy Theories

Half Of Americans Believe One Of These 6 Medical Conspiracy Theories 

From the 16 July 2014 article at Think Progress

Are companies dumping large quantities of dangerous chemicals into our water supply under the guise of fluoridation? Did a U.S. spy agency infect African Americans with HIV? Does the government tell parents to give vaccines to their children even though that could increase their risk of developing autism? Are U.S. health officials withholding information about natural cures for cancer so that pharmaceutical companies can continue to profit, or pretending they don’t know that cell phones can cause cancer? Are genetically modified foods a plot to shrink the global population?

About half of the American public believes at least one of those medical conspiracy theories, according to a study conducted by University of Chicago researchers. The greatest proportion of respondents, 37 percent, believes that the FDA is deliberately suppressing information about natural treatments for cancer. On top of that, less than a third of participants were willing to say they actively disagreed with this theory, leaving everyone else somewhere in the middle.

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  1. Given the track record the American government has I would not put anything past them. I’ve seen more harm than good coming from these giant pharmaceutical companies. If there is ONE thing I No Longer believe in is the Government.

    Comment by gjnctf | August 30, 2014 | Reply

    • I’ll go along and agree with you that there have been quite a decisions and policies by individual government agencies and government employees.
      But I’m not at a point where I will not believe in the Government as the whole institution. Still believe the government is us also, and once one does not believe in the Government one then does not believe in oneself. It is good to be vigilant, questioning, etc…not only in institutions, but in one’s self.

      On a somewhat related note (at least in how my convoluted mind works!), I’ve signed up for daily readings by a Catholic Christian mystic. This one might not make any sense out of context….but Richard Rohr basic message is to think and act in terms of inclusiveness….–Freedom-in-Not-Knowing.html?soid=1103098668616&aid=h1lp9bspDT8
      To be honest, I’m still working on forming a way of life based less on “me”, losing the self in order to find oneself in the larger.
      It isn’t easy!
      Well, just my thoughts.
      Perhaps this post wasn’t the best to add to my blog. Now I think it just had a little too much finger pointing about it, and perhaps even a degree of smugness….
      Thanks for posting, you made me think!

      Comment by Janice Flahiff | August 31, 2014 | Reply

      • I highly disagree that if one does not believe in the government one does not believe in one’s self. I firmly believe the government like religion has done our country and our world more harm then good. When AIDS first came out as a strange epidemic in the early 1980’s the government, especially the scientific establishments simply because according to their narrow minded view this disease was affecting the homesexuals. I believe in myself and will continue to do so and will also continue to never trust anything the government says or does. If that is translated as not believing in myself from your personal perspective nothing I say or do will change it.

        Comment by gjnctf | August 31, 2014

  2. I meant to say the scientific establishments turned a blind eye.

    Comment by gjnctf | August 31, 2014 | Reply

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