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[Partial Reblog] The Power of Patient-Expert Books

(And no, I am not advertising these books, or endorsing the contents of these books, only pointing to a trend!)

From the 4 January 2013 Huffington Post article by Riva Greenberg

Today, more and more books are being written by patients — well-educated, informed patients who manage their illness successfully and have experience, practical knowledge and insights to share with other patients.

As the new year incites a rush to become a “new, better and healthier you,” we often do so learning from our peers. When it comes to illness-warranted behavior changes, as like seeks like, it’s often easier to make changes learned from fellow patients with whom you share the experience of a disease. Like support groups and mentor programs, this is fertile soil for positive behavior change. So, I applaud the rise of patient-authors.

Patient-authors also narrate the experience of illness. That is why I hope health care professionals (HCPs) are also reading books written by patients. A book like No-Sugar Added Poetry, for example, can give HCPs immediate access to some of the emotional landscape of living with diabetes.

There is, in my mind, no easier or quicker way to tap into the experience of illness — what patients grapple with, how they feel, and the practical things that must be managed every day — than by reading a patient-written book.

When clinicians do, I believe they will become more mindful and compassionate and the relationship with their patients more trusting. And that can lead to better outcomes for both….

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Hot Health Books

Cover of "Emotional Freedom: Liberate You...

Cover via Amazon

From a 9 August 2011 blog posting by Eunice B at the Capitol Area District Library Blog

You just never know where or when you’ll find information on good books.  I recently picked up a copy of the July, 2011TasteforLife publication atFoods for Living in East Lansing and found four interesting titles.  All four are available at CADL.

The Healthy Gut Workbook by Victor S. Sierpina, MD. This  offers holistic solutions for gastrointestinal problems presented in an evidence-based approach.

HomeMade Living: Home Dairy with Ashley English. This explains everything about making cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products.  Recipes and troubleshooting tips included.

How We Age:  a doctor’s journey into the heart of growing old by Marc E. Agronin, MD.  Working in a nursing home, Dr. Agronin has come to understand not only the negative changes associated with growing old but also the positive found in mental, emotional, and spiritual changes.

Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff, MD.  A practicing psychiatrist, Orloff blends traditional and alternative medicine to provide insight into how to use positive forces in one’s life.

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