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Michael Graves Wants to Redesign the Patient Experience (Low Tech Redesigns)

From the 16 February Pixels and Spills post

One of the most compelling sessions of this week’s Health and Wellness program at Social Media Week was Michael Graves’ fascinating (and at times very moving) talk on redesigning everything from hospital rooms to wheelchairs. At the core of Graves’ presentation was the need to embrace the patient perspective and bring empathy in to the design process. Sound advice for both digital and analog designers.

A world renowned architect and designer (there a fair chance you have on of his Target products in your kitchen) GRaves was paralyzed about a decade ago. Since then, he’s devoted a large part of his practice to redesigning health devices and technology to better serve the needs of their users. As Graves points out, very few designers ever think that they may end up in a wheelchair or suffering from a debilitating condition but if they embrace this perspective they can create vastly more effective products….

Graves used the example of his own home, where he replaced a curb designed to hold back water from a shower stall with a simple drain, immediately rendering the stall accessible for himself and other non-ambulatory users. He tried to share this knowledge with one of his employees who was designing a hotel for a client but only succeeded in getting partial buy in from the designer. Clearly, empathy is something not easily taught…

You can view Graves’ entire presentation here

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Architecture and Design Help the Brain Recover

From the 1 November 2011 Science Daily article

How does the hospital environment affect our rehabilitation? New research from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, into how the space around us affects the brain reveals that well-planned architecture, design and sensory stimulation increase patients’ ability to recover both physically and mentally. Digital textiles and multisensory spaces can make rehabilitation more effective and reduce the amount of time spent in care…..

Read the article

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