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Whole Chickens from Farmers Markets May Have More Pathogenic Bacteria


Chickens (Photo credit: Allie’s.Dad)


From the 11 July 2013 article at Science Daily


Raw, whole chickens purchased from farmers markets throughout Pennsylvania contained significantly higher levels of bacteria that can cause foodborne illness compared to those purchased from grocery stores in the region, according to a small-scale study by researchers in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences.


Of 100 whole chickens purchased from farmers markets, 90 percent tested positive for Campylobacter and 28 percent harbored Salmonella.

By comparison, during the same period, 20 percent of raw, whole, organic chickens purchased from grocery stores were found to contain Campylobacterbacteria, and 28 percent tested positive for Salmonella. Just 8 percent of raw, whole, nonorganic, conventionally processed chickens from the grocery stores tested positive for Campylobacter and 52 percent of those contained Salmonella.

Overall, the chickens purchased at the farmers markets carried higher bacterial loads than the birds purchased at grocery stores.


“We are not doing the research to scare consumers or put people out of business; we’re here to improve public health,” she said. “We can train farmers and vendors to produce a safer product that won’t make people sick. This approach also has the potential to help consumers feel more confident about buying their locally grown and processed products.”

Bacteria that cause foodborne illness, such as Campylobacterand Salmonella, are destroyed by proper cooking of poultry products; however, they also can cause cross-contamination if they come in contact with other foods through contaminated cutting boards, sinks, countertops or utensils.



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Find Your Local Farmers Market

Agricultural Marketing Service

Farmers Market Search is a service of the US Dept of Agriculture’s marketing service.

Market information included in the National Farmers Market Directory is voluntary and self-reported to AMS by market managers, representatives from state farmers market agencies and associations, and other key market personnel. Listings in the Directory are updated on an ongoing basis throughout the year, and each spring, AMS makes a concentrated effort to solicit new and updated market information from farmers market stakeholders in order to keep the listings as accurate and comprehensive as possible. ..

..Both a national map of farmers markets (static) and state-specific maps of farmers markets (interactive) are available for viewing. To see a state-specific map, select a state from the select box at the top of the state column below; a link will appear for that state’s map…

A search engine [scroll to bottom of page]  can be used to search by location (as zip code), market name, products, payment methods, and more.

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