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Seven projects to make progress on ethics and global food security in five years | EurekAlert! Science News

Seven projects to make progress on ethics and global food security in five years | EurekAlert! Science News. (21 May 2015)

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Making yet another commitment to go meatless 2 days/week.  Also again thinking about a year round smallish green house.
Like the idea of farmers/agricultural sector as being redefined as service industries – accent on social responsibility.

PBS had an eye opener on senior hunger, including Naples Florida.  Some were in gated communities – seems unexpected events (as major medical bills) made it impossible to afford the basics, including nutritious food.

Here’s the link to the segment –>

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Quote of the Day (Food Activism)

Interesting, thoughtful take on current movements focusing on food environments (schools, neighborhoods) before there is enough evidence.

Weight Maven

Social policy researcher Helen Lee thinks food activism is leading public health astray (emphasis mine):

Much of the American public health and medical establishment came to believe that one of the most powerful ways to overcome the [obesity] epidemic was to radically remake our school and neighborhood food environments­­, reducing­­ access to unhealthy foods and increasing access to healthy ones.

But in their rush to condemn corporate agribusiness, food marketers, and neighborhood food environments, public health advocates have too often allowed their policy and ideological preferences to race ahead of the science. This has fostered a reductive story about obesity that appeals to liberal audiences but doesn’t comport particularly well with much of what we know about why people choose to eat unhealthy foods, what the health consequences of being overweight or obese actually are, or why health outcomes associated with obesity are so much worse among some populations than…

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The Real Price of Quinoa?


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Only in America?




It appears that many of the major food companies have a double standard – one for exports and one for us.  They seem to think that Americans do not deserve the better quality products with less additives and chemicals sold to our European neighbors.

Is this one unbelievable?????  I would like to know why, wouldn’t you?  Maybe it’s time for us, the consumers, to inquire about this.  They only listen to consumer demands, if at all


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