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2012 – The Year In Healthcare Charts

I realize data in graphs can be misrepresented by choices related to scale, sources of information, etc.

Still, a few of these graphs were quite startling even if one only believes they have a kernel of truth.

From the 31 December 2012 Pharma&HealthCare article at Forbes

There were a few charts that made the radar this year. In some cases, the data is older than 2012, but all too often, the data hasn’t really changed or improved with age…

The Kaiser Family Foundation also provided a comparison of cumulative increases in health insurance premiums – relative to Workers’ Contributions, Inflation and Workers’ Earnings (from 2000 to 2012).

This next one was orignally assembled by Carnegie Mellon University professor Paul Fischbeck – and reported by Mark Roth of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (December, 2009) – and highlights our Per Capita Healthcare Costs by Age as compared to four other countries (Germany, the U.K., Sweden and Spain).

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