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[Infographic] Staying Healthy on Campus

From the Web page at BestColleges Online

(Disclaimer: posting here is not an endorsement of the company Best Colleges Online.
This infographic is overall well done  and deserves to be passed along.
Just one quibble, sources could have been linked to the specific Web pages with the derived information
I contacted the authors directly with my concern
However, I am hoping the information contained is useful!)

Staying Healthy On Campus
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[Infographic] Making Patient Experience a Priority & Link to Other Infogaphics by the Author

Created by Dan on Pinterest. Dan presently has 28 other health care related infographics at his Pintereset site.
Titles include Over Medicated America, How Technology Changed the Healthcare Industry, What Really Happens on a Hospital Night Shift, and Social Media in Healthcare

Source: via Dan on Pinterest


Source: via Dan on Pinterest

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How visualizing health problems through infographics could help solve medical mysteries

In the blog posting, an information specialist designs an infographic to visualizing her own medical history and symptoms related to the auto-immune disease Myasthenia Gravis. She does so in hopes of making the most of my appointment with a new doctor.

The post  includes both her medical history and the infographic that, in her words “charts the progress of my Myasthenia Gravis since I was 13 – not only the hard facts like the medications I was taking at the time, but the way I *felt* during those times and the degree of weakness I was experiencing. Overlaid is the progression of my stomach problems over my lifetime, including the points in time when I took antibiotics.”

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