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Toxicologist Believe It’s Time To Test Assumptions About Health Effects That Guide Risk Assessment


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From the 22 November Medical News Today article

Governments and the nuclear industry have failed to address serious data gaps and untested assumptions guiding exposure limits to Cesium (Cs)-137 released in the Chernobyl accident in 1986 and this year’s incident at Fukushima, says University of Massachusetts Amherst toxicologist Edward Calabrese. It’s time now to move toward adopting more evidence-based risk assessment for the future, he adds.

“It is also critical that the linear, no-threshold (LNT) model and the alternative models, such as the threshold and hormesis models, be objectively assessed so that society can be guided by scientific data and validated models rather than ideological perspectives that stealthily infected the risk assessment process for ionizing radiation and carcinogenic chemicals,” he states. …..


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