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Care about people as people, not just as hosts of disease

A beautiful post by medical student  in the December edition of

The post Care about people as people, not just as hosts of disease sums her journey through anatomy class and her varying emotional and objective reactions when dissecting her assigned corpse. Overall she was aware that a person is more than the physical body, more than just a disease.

And so it goes with each of us as we go about our day, at work or play. In a traffic snarl? The people behind the wheel are more than just drivers. At the check out counter? The clerk is more than a scanner operator. Reading a blog post that upsets you? The writer is more than the one dimension or so that comes across.

While perhaps we can only react to one thing at a time, it is good to keep in mind our encounters with others are best when they reflect our true connectedness with them…which goes beyond mere exchanges…

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The Student Source: Medical Resources and Software


From the 19 August 2011 Scout Report item 

For students new to medical school, parsing out the most relevant and helpful information from a seemingly limitless supply of materials can be daunting.  The links are divided into two dozen topical areas, such as “Gross Anatomy”, “Nephrology”, and “Surgery”. Each section contains links from reliable sources, including the University of Toronto, Oxford University, and the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. The “Gross Anatomy” area is very thorough, as it contains over twenty resources that provide an overview of anatomy, anatomical slide shows, and so on

Click here for The Student Source: Medical Resources and Software

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