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Avoid Promoting Miracle Diets For New Year, British Lawmaker Urges Magazines

English: Jo Swinson MP addressing a Liberal De...

English: Jo Swinson MP addressing a Liberal Democrat conference in the Bournemouth International Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


From the 27 December 2012 article at Medical News Today


Please do not promote “miracle diets” for the New Year, British Women and Equalities Minister, Jo Swinson has urged magazine editors.

Every year throughout the world, magazines are awash with miracle cure diets that guarantee incredible results after weeks of overindulgence during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Jo Swinson, MP (Member of Parliament) for East Dunbartonshire, says magazine editors must avoid the temptation of falling into the annual diet hype among their New Year resolutions for 2013. The Minister made the request in an open letter to magazine editors.

Swinson urges editors to think twice about the consequences of promoting unrealistic and untested diets on girls and women.

Swinson said “Surely by now we’re all aware that there are no miracle diets or if there are, they are miracles that come with a cost. Given that most diets fail within a very short time, it is irresponsible for magazines to offer ‘tips’ ‘tricks’ and ‘simple steps’ so that people can be thin. Not healthy or vibrant, just thin.”…




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10 (Research-Tested) New Year’s Resolutions, Culled from the Work of UB Faculty


English: New Year's Resolutions postcard

New Years Resolution postcard

10 (Research-Tested) New Year’s Resolutions, Culled from the Work of UB Faculty

From the 19 December 2011 news release

10 (Research-Tested) New Year’s Resolutions, Culled from the Work of UB Faculty

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Need help choosing a New Year’s resolution? Below, the University at Buffalo offers its annual list of 10 suggestions for achieving health, happiness and success in the new year.

Each resolution is based on the work of UB faculty in 2011. Their research and expertise provides some direction on steps to take toward self-improvement and wellbeing in 2012.

Have a happy, healthy and successful new year.

1. Make returning war veterans feel at home. Simple home modifications — like installing exterior lighting or widening doorways — can enhance the comfort and security of returning soldiers, especially if they suffer from vision loss or post-traumatic stress or use a wheelchair, says Danise Levine, director of UB’s Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access. Levine helped design two homes for veterans and their families through the Wounded Warrior Home Project.

2. Floss every day to protect against pneumonia and heart disease. Good oral hygiene may help prevent pneumonia and heart disease, according to two UB researchers. A study done by UB professor of medicine, Ali A. El Solh, MD, indicates that periodontal microbes are a possible reservoir for recurrent lower respiratory tract infections in nursing home residents. And research done by UB Distinguished Professor and Vice Provost Robert J. Genco, DDS, shows a strong association between periodontal microbes and non-fatal heart attacks.

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