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Some Good News?


At last, some progress may be occurring when it comes to calories in restaurant foods.  If it catches on and continues (and it might due to some new regulations from the government) we just might see some help occurring with the obesity epidemic.

Also, reducing portion sizes is even more good news.  When compared to the 1970’s, it’s astounding how many portion sizes have increased since then.  I can remember a box of popcorn at the movies, but now it’s a bucket, for example. A previous post compares portion sizes in France versus the U.S. which I found to be very interesting.  Check it out.

Plates, bowls, and cup sizes have increased too.  A dinner plate (standard) increased from 10 inches to 12 inches, for example.  When people were given larger bowls and spoons they served themselves larger amounts of food (in this case ice cream) and often consumed the…

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