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Mortality And Morbidity Could Be Significantly Reduced By Lowering The National Ozone Standard

Area Map

[Green Book of Nonattainment areas for Criteria Pollutants, EPA, March 2012]

From the 19th July 2012 article at Medical News Today

Establishing a more stringent ozone standard in the U.S. would significantly reduce ozone-related premature mortality and morbidity, according to a new study published online in the journalEnvironmental Health Perspectives.

“Abundant evidence links exposure to ozone with adverse health effects, including impaired pulmonary function, asthmaexacerbations, increased hospital and emergency room visits, and increased mortality, yet the current National Ambient Air Quality Standard of 75ppb is often exceeded,” said lead author Jesse Berman, a PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. “Our study shows that adhering to the current standard would result in a significant reduction in morbidity and mortality and, furthermore, that applying even more stringent ozone standards would result in even greater reductions.” ..

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