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Webinar: Black American Health: Law as a Social Determinant of Health

Webinar: Black American Health: Law as a Social Determinant of Health

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Social determinants of health are the key factors in the health status gap between blacks and whites. Social determinants of health are the social, economic and political forces under which people live that affect their health.  Social determinants include wealth/income, education, physical environment, health care, housing, employment, stress and racism/discrimination. In fact, for blacks racism is a key factor.

Accumulating evidence strongly suggests that exposure to racial discrimination, and the related economic adversity and social disadvantages, may be a chronic source of trauma in Black communities  that negatively influences mental and physical health outcomes.  These effects may be exacerbated for Black children  who may be impacted by exposure to racial discrimination directly and indirectly via the negative influence of racial discrimination on parent and community support and functioning.  Using a life-course framework, we will examine how exposure to racial discrimination in childhood can shape child and adult health, particularly the likelihood of chronic disease in adulthood.

The law is a factor in every social determinant of  health and particularly in racial discrimination.  The webinar will discuss the role of laws and legal structures as a strategy for reducing health disparities.

**Racial Inequality: A Risk Factor for Health Disparities in African American Communities”.
Dr. Kathy Sanders-Phillips

**Law as a Social Determinant of Health
Dr. Vernellia Randall

The Webinars are organized by Professor Vernellia R. Randall at The University of Dayton (


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