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What is observation care? Clearing up common misperceptions

From the 4 February 2013 article at

o treat observation care as simply a loophole that allows hospitals to avoid the Medicare penalties from readmissions — as Brad Wright, an assistant professor of health management and policy at the University of Iowa did earlier this month — is to take a short-sighted approach to a complex health issue.


Observation care in fact aims to address several of healthcare’s thorniest challenges head on. In the process, a well-run observation unit can not only help reduce hospital readmission rates, but it can reduce crowding and speed throughput in the ER, save patients an extended first hospital admission (let alone a re-admission), and perhaps most importantly, improve patient outcomes.

To see how, and to clear any misconceptions some like Wright could have about observation care, it might be helpful to do some Q&A.


Read the entire article here


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  1. Hospitals should be penalized. Patients present with a diagnosis i.e. chest pain. Once a heart attack or clot has been ruled out, the patient is discharged without explanation for the pain. Additionally, there is little direct communication between the hospitalist and the primary care physician. One week later, patient back in with same problem.

    I have seen this over and over and over again. I’ve seen mental health patients admitted over five times in one month for suicide attempts. I have seen patients admitted with the same medical problem just as often. The hospitalist are over-worked and the system is falling apart.

    Primary care physicians are leaving the field and recent medical school graduates are not entering primary care.

    Comment by Angela | February 9, 2013 | Reply

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